Vehicle Tracking

With VTEL devices and system, track your vehicle's location accurately 24/7, control it, and keep it safe and secure

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Discover the Powerful Features of VTEL VehicleTracking System

VTEL Vehicle Tracking System is a reliable and effective solution that enables you to monitor and control your vehicle remotely. It offers the following features to ensure your vehicle's safety andSecurity.

Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

Monitor your vehicle's location and movements in real-time and receive instant alerts for any unauthorized activities.

Movement and Information History

Access detailed reports of your vehicle's past movements, driving speed, and more.

Monitoring Fuel Consumption

Track your vehicle's fuel consumption to optimize its usage and reduce fuel costs.

Remote Vehicle Control

Control your vehicle remotely through the mobile app, including locking/unlocking the doors, starting/stopping the engine.

Mobile Application

Access all the features and controls of the system through an easy-to-use mobile application.

Backup Batteries

Ensure uninterrupted tracking of your vehicle's location and data even in the event of a power failure.