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Unlimited Connectivity with NETGEAR Solutions!

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Unlimited Connectivity With NETGEAR Solutions!

Experience blazing fast Wifi Network with unbeatable reliability

Mesh WIFI and Extenders
Orbi is the best solution for flawless whole-home WiFi
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Gaming Solution
Stronger, faster, stable Games with Gaming solution Nighthawk Routers
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5G Mobile Routers
Take secure, private WiFi with you, anywhere you need it
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Display art and cherished memories with digital canvases and frames
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Access Points
Fast, reliable WiFi connectivity, for busy office environments
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ProAV Switches
Engineered with out-of-the-box support for networked AV solutions
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Powerful wired networking options to meet your business needs
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Pro Routers
Get high-speed, reliable routing with failover protection
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Are NETGEAR devices covered by warranty in Jordan?
Is there a delivery service inside or outside Jordan?
How do I know which NETGEAR Wi-Fi solutions are best for my needs?