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Experience the future of facility management with VTEL Smart Facility. Enhance efficiency, security, and productivity with our advanced solutions, including smart monitoring, access control, energy management, and more.

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An Overview of VTEL Smart Facility System

VTEL Smart Facility System is a comprehensive and integrated solution that provides you with complete control over your Facility's automation. Our system enables you to monitor and control various devices and appliances in your Facility, such as lights, air conditioning, security cameras, and more, all through a single platform.

With our easy-to-use mobile application, you can manage your Facility's automation from anywhere, at any time, whether you're inside your Facility or miles away. Our system is designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing you to add new devices and features as your needs change.

The system diagram below provides a visual representation of the various components of our Smart Facility System, including the central hub, sensors, and devices, and how they work together to create an intelligent and connected Facility environment.

Powerful System Features

Experience the Flexibility and Convenience You Need.

Multi-User Support:

Simultaneously work on the system with multiple users.

Integration & Flexibility:

Assemble the system with components from different vendors to meet your specific needs.

Mobile and Laptop Monitoring:

Monitor and control your system from your mobile or laptop, both from inside your Facility and remotely over the internet.


Receive SMS, email, and phone call alerts to stay on top of important events and updates.

Bilingual Support:

Choose between English and Arabic language options for your system interface.

Customizable Views:

Enjoy different system views that can be customized based on your preferences.

Effortlessly Control Your Smart Home with Voice Commands

Control your smart home device with ease using voice commands through Alexa. With a very flexible setup, you can activate modes, turn on/off lights and A/C units, and save energy by activating specific modes like "Night Energy Saving". Here are some examples of voice commands:

  • Alexa, turn on ground-floor lights
  • Alexa, activate “arriving home at night” mode
  • Alexa, turn off all A/C units
  • Alexa, Activate “light night mode”
  • Alexa, Activate “Night Energy Saving“ mode

Smart Automation for Hassle-Free Living

With VTEL Smart Home System, you can set up automation rules that can trigger automatic actions and You can also scheduled actions, For instance :

  • you can receive an alarm notification over SMS or phone call if your water tank is below 20%
  • You can also schedule automated actions like switching off outside lights at sunrise
  • closing shutters at 10 pm, and opening shutters at 6 am
Our system provides flexible and customizable rule setups, giving you complete control over your home's automation.

Enhance Your Home's Aesthetic with Smart Touch Switches

Upgrade your home's switches with VTEL's Smart Touch Switches. These switches offer the following features:

  • Touch switches with decorative frames
  • Front glass can be printed with customized icons, text, and language
  • Wall-mounted at any desired location
  • Beautiful background color during the night
With their sleek and modern design, our Smart Touch Switches not only offer convenience but also add to your home's aesthetic appeal. They are easy to use and can be customized to fit your personal preferences, making them the perfect addition to any smart home.

Smart Lighting Control Made Easy

Our Smart Lighting Control solution is designed to make your life easier by allowing you to control all of your lights without having to replace your existing switches. Here's what our solution offers:

  • Hidden Switch Adapters: Our solution utilizes hidden switch adapters that can be easily added on top of
    your false ceiling, without any drilling or renovation required.
  • No Misuse: With our system, you can lock your existing switches to prevent misuse and ensure that lights
    can only be controlled through the smart system.
  • Easy Control: Our solution allows you to control all of your lights through a single platform, giving you complete control over your home's lighting.
With our Smart Lighting Control solution, you can upgrade your home's lighting to be smarter and more efficient without the hassle of replacing your existing switches.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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